About Me


Hi, I’m Brittany!

I like long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, and clichés…

Okay, but seriously–I am a full-time student at Eckerd College, a part-time intern with a financial firm, and now an occasional blogger. As an International Business student with a minor in Marketing, I created this blog to connect two major parts of my world, being a business student and my interest in culture. As a I hope to one day be an International Marketer, I thought that a blog on cultural marketing would be beneficial to my future career and knowledgeable to my readers.

I come from a small town in Wisconsin and always craved adventure. This lead to my passion for traveling. Through traveling I have been able to see beautiful parts of the world and meet great people with amazing stories. My adventures have taken me beyond the classroom to hands-on, in-person learning about new cultures. I hope this blog acts as another resource for your cultural learning as well.

Feel free to subscribe to my blog and leave comments on your thoughts or recommendations for future posts. Thanks for reading!


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