McDonald’s is one company that got it right when it comes to their global marketing strategy! With more than 35,000 restaurants in the world and operations in over 100 countries, McDonald’s global market presence is huge.


Their success stems from the company’s global business strategy. McDonald’s has a transnational approach, where they Think-Global and Act-Local. The corporation understands that their international success demands local responsiveness and global integration. McDonald’s value chain takes into consideration each country’s local culture, as well as their legal, political and economic environments. In order to achieve local responsiveness, McDonald’s uses local management to operate their restaurants. They believe this is the best way to bring acceptance to the company. While their overall vision and mission for the company is the same throughout the world, they have adapted the strategy to fit each country differently. Here’s a quote directly from McDonald’s corporate page that shows their transnational mindset:

“We pay special attention to how our customers are alike – and how they are different too. For that reason, markets and countries have latitude when it comes to menu, marketing, community involvement and local business management.”

One way that McDonald’s Acts-Local is through product localization and innovation, which allows the company to meet local tastes and traditions. Check out the video below to see some of McDonald’s new offerings that have been created for different countries.

Along with product localization, McDonald’s global advertisements have contributed to their winning strategy. McDonald’s is known to produce very creative visual advertisements. They have incorporated cultural elements into their advertisements to relate to their international markets. Here are a few examples:

Cultural differences can be seen as hurdles that companies have to jump over in an international market, but McDonald’s has used those differences to its advantage. Companies that are looking to enter an international market or restructure their current global business strategy should look at McDonald’s framework. Their transnational approach has expanded their brand image immensely and attracted new customers through local responsiveness, while increasing their international sales. This is cultural marketing done right!



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